Eleven Brochures

ElevenBC for Mac

Utilizing the sleek iMac all-in-one computer, ElevenBC for Mac allows guests to choose whether they want a Windows 7 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard experience. It also offers the Microsoft Office Suite for both operating systems, secure wiping of all private user data, numerous billing methods, custom branding and full control and management through ElevenOS.

ElevenBC for Windows

ElevenBC for Windows is built on top of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and available on multiple hardware platforms. It features secure shredding of all private data between user sessions, full integration into ElevenOS for transaction visibility and control, custom branding and complete access to the Microsoft Office Suite of applications.

Eleven Link@Sheraton

Eleven is Sheraton’s preferred provider for its Link @ Sheraton initiative. Eleven’s solution for Link@Sheraton delivers a full-featured Windows 7 guest experience backed by 24×7 US-based helpdesk and advanced system monitoring. ElevenOS makes it easy to generate reports, add custom branding and advertise other hotel services through the Link.


ElevenOS is hospitality’s leading software platform to manage guest Internet (also known as HSIA). ElevenOS enables you and your network providers complete control over the guest experience from the look and feel to the details of the service offerings including offering tiered bandwidth, various durations of use and much more.